RPA-18 Policy and Technical Committee


The Regional Planning Affiliation – Region 18 (RPA-18) is chartered by the Iowa Department of Transportation for the purposes of transportation planning. RPA-18 consists of local governments (cities and counties) in Harrison, Mills, Pottawattamie, and Shelby counties in southwest Iowa. RPA-18 exists to establish a cooperative, continuous and comprehensive planning process to prioritize the use of transportation funds sub-allocated to the region by the Iowa Department of Transportation. A breakdown of the responsibilities of key partners involved in RPA-18 are included in the section that follows.

The Technical Committee is directly responsible to the Policy Board for the initiation, review, and recommendations of transportation related activities.

Voting Members:

Chairman: John Rasmussen – County Engineer, Pottawattamie County – Technical Committee Chair

John McCurdy – Executive Director, SWIPCO

Jamie Clark – Public Works Director, City of Glenwood

Gene Gettys, Jr. – City Administrator, City of Harlan

Jacob Ferro – County Engineer, Mills County

Steven Struble – County Engineer, Harrison County


Non-Voting Members:

Daniel Nguyen – Transportation Planner, Federal Transit Administration

Darla Hugaboom – Transportation Planner, Federal Highway Administration

Lance Brisbois – Deputy Director, Golden Hills RC&D

Zach Bitting – Statewide Planning Coordinator, Iowa DOT

Scott Suhr – District 4 Planner, Iowa DOT

The Policy Board guides and sets policy of the local transportation planning affiliation on matters necessary to comply with state and federal legislation. It annually adopts a four year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP) and Passenger Transportation Development Plan (PTP). The Policy Board periodically adopts a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and Public Participation Plan (PPP) in accordance with Federal and state transportation planning guidelines. The Policy Board also has the power to conduct comprehensive transportation studies and master plans to address transportation needs and support the growth and development of the region. The Policy Board allocates federal-aid funds to eligible projects within its service area.


Voting Members:

Chairman: Charles Parkhurst – Supervisor, Shelby County, Policy Committee Chair

Ron Kohn – Mayor, Glenwood

Gene Gettys, Jr. – City Administrator, City of Harlan

Richard Crouch – Supervisor, Mills County

Susan Miller – Supervisor, Pottawattamie County

Tony Smith – Supervisor, Harrison County



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