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Resilience planning recognizes disasters and difficulties will happen. Therefore, immediate response is necessary. Yet if not thought through, long-term implications will require a different set to strategies and actions to ensure ongoing viability, whether for a business, government or development organization.

Resilience suggests a different outcome than preparedness. To be prepared is one thing. To be able to respond, survive and even thrive after a disaster is quite another. This guide seeks to provide community leaders, development organizations, economic developers, chamber executives and business owners a framework for preparation that looks beyond the immediate triage required by a disaster or pandemic, to longer-lasting recovery. Many elements will be assessed throughout this guide with the intent of providing insights with which a resilience plan can be developed. Then a communication strategy for sharing the plan and supporting its implementation with partners and clients will be needed.

This workbook is intended to serve as a toolkit – with resources and references for traditional partners. It is not all-inclusive. There will be partners in your community or region who may need to be included or engaged. That’s part of the planning process – identifying those entities that need to be at the table, both now and at the time of crisis.

This link to the guide along with key resource directory specific for Mills and Pottawattamie Counties in southwest Iowa.

For additional information, contact Shawnna Silvius at or 402-444-6866 x3227.