Our Team

Mike Helgerson

Executive Director

Outside of the office, you’ll find Mike with a book, in the saddle of his bike, or cheering on his kids at their latest sporting event.

402-444-6866, ext. 3224


Matthew Eash

Director of Finance

Matt is our tenacious problem solver and a talented musician.  

402-444-6866, ext. 3213


Natasha Barrett

Accounting Associate

Natasha is an Excel guru with an amazing attention to detail and likes to relax by taking walks and crafting.

402-444-6866, ext. 3223


Amanda Morales

Fiscal Officer

Amanda is reliable and conscientious and appreciates her time spent with family and at her children’s sporting events.

402-444-6866, ext. 3215


Carlos Morales

Transportation & Data Manager

Carlos is a strategic and innovative planner with a passion for hiking, walking and biking.

402-444-6866, ext. 3220


Josh Corrigan

GIS Coordinator

In his free time, Josh plays the banjo and rides his bike, at work he is our visual storyteller who is driven by data.

402-444-6866, ext. 3221


Court Barber

Transportation Planner & Local Projects Liaison

Court, who craves efficiency in the office, loves to spend time cooking and playing tabletop games.

402-444-6866, ext. 3219


Jim Boerner

Transportation Planner

Jim, who wishes there were more mountains and beaches in Nebraska, is motivated by the shared success of collaboration.

402-444-6866, ext. 3231


Rachel Goettsch

GIS Intern

Rachel has a strong work ethic and is a continuous learner, she loves to spend time researching languages and linguistics.

Travis Halm

Transportation Planner

A lover of the Omaha food scene, Travis is also vision-oriented and likes to approach planning holistically.

402-444-6866, ext. 3229


Owen Stuckey

GIS Assistant

You can count on Owen to find the data you need and map it, he also enjoys spending time in national parks and video gaming.

402-444-6866, ext. 3236


Grant Anderson

Community Development Manager

A proponent of continuing education, Grant also aims to help communities find the tools they need to succeed. 

402-444-6866, ext. 3222


Rafael Corrales Orozco

Assistant Planner

Rafael is a compassionate and committed communicator with a love for singing and songwriting.

402-444-6866, ext. 3235


Ryan Ossell

Associate Planner

Ryan is a determined problem solver who finds pleasure in geography and travel.

402-444-6866, ext. 3218


Shawnna Silvius

Economic Development Planner

Shawnna is a true cat magnet at home and a connector of people and ideas in the office.

402-444-6866, ext. 3227


Karna Loewenstein

Communications & Outreach Manager

Karna thrives on innovation and creativity and recharges on the beach.

(402) 444-6866 ext. 3225


Sue Cutsforth

Information Officer

An avid cyclist and lover of travel, Sue is also MAPA’s wordsmith and media communicator.

402-444-6866, ext. 3226 (Media Contact)


Laura Heilman

Community Relations Liaison/Project Coordinator

Passionate about bringing community voices to the table when decisions are being made, Laura is intensely curious and a lifelong learner.

402-444-6866, ext. 3214


Ruthie McKee

Communications & Outreach Intern

A quick, creative and flexible worker, Ruthie also likes to spend her free time trying new restaurants in Omaha.

Jodi Woolery

Graphic Designer

A companion to any dog she meets, Jodi is also MAPA’s brand guardian and spends her time making us all look good.

402-444-6866, ext. 3212


Christina Brownell

Director of Administration

Christina loves being a boy mom and you can always count on her to get things done.

(402) 444-6866 ext. 3217


Elizabeth Zeller

Administrative Assistant

Liz will greet you with a smile when you walk into the office and she finds joy when she’s hanging out on the water.

402-444-6866, ext. 3210


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