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Project Administration Services

MAPA prepares grant applications regularly on behalf of cities and counties for projects such as infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitation, historic preservation, economic development enhancements, hazard mitigation, and many others. We also provide general administration services for grantees post-award. Standard administration services include: file set-up, environmental reviews, fiscal management, data compilation, income surveys, labor standards monitoring, program compliance, and coordination with program staff at state and federal levels.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of a community assessing betterment and development priorities.  Plans generally focus on the direction of the entity for the next five years while identifying priority areas or projects.  The finished product provides a guide to implementation including project cost estimate and possible funding sources.  These can be community-wide or for a specific area such as the downtown.

Community Surveys/Needs Assessments

Surveys include statistical and narrative data that identifies the profile and demand analysis for a community. The analysis describes the past, present and projected demographic, economic and conditions of the plan’s focus.  Plan focus can include housing, sidewalks, parks and recreation, etc.  This is often used as a supporting document for strategic planning or funding applications.

Professional Facilitation and Strategic Planning Services

MAPA has trained facilitators on staff available to assist with convening and conducting meetings to help achieve desired outcomes.  For those engaged in strategic planning activities, MAPA staff can provide support and facilitation in the areas of engagement, plan development and execution.

Nuisance Ordinance and Abatement

Communities have the ability to remedy nuisance properties, which involve untamed yards, derelict automobiles, and accumulations of junk and waste most commonly. MAPA can assist local governments in developing nuisance ordinances authorized under state law, and act as a third party administrator that works directly with property owners. Nuisance abatement services provided by MAPA include a community survey, documentation of potential issues, correspondence with property owners, technical assistance and other activities as required. The goal is to work with property owners in a reasonable and professional manner to resolve potential ordinance violations before the local unit of government becomes involved directly.