Draft FY2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)



The FY2025 Transportation Improvement Program is currently in development. The information below will be updated as progress is made. A draft TIP will be available in May 2024 and the final TIP will be approved by MAPA in June 2024. The 2025 TIP will become effective October 1, 2024. Comments on the program can be submitted via email to transportation@mapacog.org, or by calling 402-444-6866 ext. 3219.

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a six-year document that discusses upcoming federally-funded transportation projects. This annual document includes all types of transportation projects that are funded through the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) including highway maintenance or expansion, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, Metro Transit projects, and aviation projects.

The TIP includes basic project information such as the anticipated cost estimates, proposed funding sources, and schedule for each phase of federally funded projects. TIP projects can be viewed in the map below and you can also explore the entire program of projects in the database link below.

Call for Projects

MAPA periodically issues a call for projects for four regional programs with funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Brief descriptions of each program are below and additional information about each program is available here.

Call for Projects Status for the FY2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP):

The call for projects is now closed; MAPA is no longer accepting applications.

Current Status: Accepting public comments on the draft TIP.

Draft FY2025 Program

Draft TIP Summary

Draft TIP Document (6/04/2024 Version)

Please submit comments via email to transportation@mapacog.org.


TIP Development & Project Selection Schedule

Call for Projects Released Oct 30, 2023
Submittal Deadline for Applications Jan 12, 2024
Applications Provided to Selection Committees Jan 19, 2024
Publication of Applications and Survey Feb 5, 2024
Public Survey Summarized Mar 11, 2024
Selection Committee Meetings Mar 18, 2024 – Apr 12, 2024
Incorporation into Draft TIP May 10, 2024
TTAC Review of Draft TIP May 17, 2024
MAPA Board of Directors Review of Draft TIP May 23, 2024
State Review & Public Comment Period May 23, 2024 – Jun 27, 2024
TTAC Review of Final TIP Jun 21, 2024
MAPA Board of Directors Approval of Final TIP Jun 27, 2024
Publication of Selected Projects & Distribution of Award Letters Jul 5, 2024