Neighborhood Expanded Access to Trails (NEAT)


The Neighborhood Expanded Access to Trails (NEAT) project is a partnership of the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (PMRNRD) and the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA). Its purpose is to improve the ease and comfort of access from neighborhoods to the Omaha metropolitan area’s existing multiuse recreational trail network.

Good access to trails increases opportunities for active transportation and recreation. Offroad trails are very popular among a wide range of users and encourage routine physical activity that demonstrably promotes better mental and physical health. Trails also encourage using active travel modes to social, educational, and economic destinations. They help people get to places they need and want to go.

The spine of Omaha’s trail network follows the Papio Creek system and other waterways, and many neighborhoods lack convenient trail access. However, many neighborhoods are geographically close to trail corridors, but face barriers such as bridges, high volume streets, or undeveloped parcels between homes and trails. This study focuses on measures that reduce these barriers and help connect people to these nearby trails.

The NEAT study identifies opportunities and develops concepts for short neighborhood to trail connections. It will help the PMRNRD move swiftly toward final design and implementation with the approval of the jurisdictions in which the trail would be built.

This study also considers new opportunities for trail extensions and the further extension of trail connections further into neighborhoods.

Visit the NEAT StoryMap to see details on the priority projects!

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