2013 Pottawattamie County Multi-Jurisdictional Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan


The Pottawattamie Countywide Multi-Jurisdictional Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan was developed for and applicable to one county government, thirteen incorporated municipal governments, and six special purpose districts. These government/special purpose entities include Pottawattamie County; the Cities of Avoca, Carson, Carter Lake, Crescent, Hancock, Macedonia, McClelland, Minden, Neola, Oakland, Treynor, Underwood, and Walnut; and the A-H-S-T, Riverside, Treynor, Tri-Center, Underwood, and Walnut school districts.

All previously adopted single-jurisdiction hazard mitigation plans were utilized and migrated into this plan at the greatest extent possible. Individual jurisdictional data was updated to reflect the most current information available and any content deemed irrelevant or outdated was excluded from this plan. Otherwise, all applicable content was transferred to the multi-jurisdictional document.

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