Transit Return on Investment Study


The Transit Return on Investment (ROI) Study will evaluate the “business case” for expanding regional transit in the region.  It is modeled after a similar study that was conducted in the Twin Cities region by a group of business leaders called the Itasca Project.

A key aspect of this process is stakeholder engagement—to talk with business leaders, community planners, transportation officials and public policy experts. These steps include one-on-one interviews, a 19-person stakeholder committee and other direct outreach activities.

The project will provide a framework to support decision making over time in the context of an evolving economy and land use. This framework is designed to build community support regarding the definition and sources of returns on investment for enhanced transit, and to align with community values.

Project Goals

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Transit ROI: Why It Matters


Transit ROI: Why it Matters - National Context

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Transit ROI: Why it Matters - Omaha Region

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Study Process: Interviews and Case Studies


Integrated Study Process Diagram


End Result: Roadmap for ROI