Metro Area Travel Improvement Study (MTIS)


The Metro Area Travel Improvement Study (MTIS) is a collaborative effort between the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) and the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA). MTIS is a comprehensive transportation study that recognizes future interstate and freeway system needs are linked intrinsically with arterial, local roads and transit system needs and investment decisions in the MAPA region. This approach will help identify the transportation network that will best meet the long-term needs of the community and will take advantage of innovative strategies to guide decisions about funding. MTIS is being conducted in coordination and collaboration with other regional planning studies and projects.

The purpose of MTIS is to:
• Develop a comprehensive, multi-modal plan for the interstate and major roadways in the region
• Prioritize projects for short-term, mid-term, and long-term
• Consider shortfalls in existing sources of local, state, and federal funding

The study area boundary and study area roadways are shown to the right. The study area boundary is based on MAPA’s designated Transportation Management Area. Study area roadways include all National Highway System (NHS) routes and non-NHS routes that were considered priority corridors by NDOT and MAPA. The study area includes 83 miles of interstate freeway, 39 miles of other freeways/expressways, 180 miles state highways and 176 miles of local roads.