Highway 75 Corridor & Freight Strategy & Virtual Block Talks

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MAPA is developing the Highway 75 Corridor & Freight Strategy Study.

There has been continued interest in addressing the need for an improved connection between the North Freeway, the Storz Expressway, and I-680, while also mitigating the community impacts of the current Highway 75 alignment along 30th Street.

The Highway 75 Corridor & Freight Strategy study is a high-level analysis that will identify feasible, planning-level concepts that meet study mobility, safety, and community goals.

We would love your feedback through our self-guided Block Talks! Your input will help guide overall transportation and neighborhood vision and goals of the Highway 75 study area, identify constraints for pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles, public transit, and freight, and define community strengths and opportunities.

MAPA’s Block Talks are usually in-person walking tours of study areas designed to get real-time feedback on how corridors are used by pedestrians and cyclists. In order to make them more accessible, we developed virtual Block Talks that will guide you along a corridor with maps and 360 degree drone photography.

Two areas are available for you to provide input on and you can respond to one or both.

Schools & Parks – 30th Street from Fort Street to Redick Avenue

Downtown Florence – 30th Street from Craig Avenue to Filmore Street