MAPA seeks 2022 Annual Awards Nominations

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MAPA is accepting applications for its 2022 Annual Awards.

They include the Regional Citizenship Award and the Regional Service Award.

The Regional Citizenship Award honors a Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, Washington, Mills, or Pottawattamie County resident, either private citizen or an elected or appointed official who has:

1. Recognized regional problems and initiated and supported policies that require shared regional effort

2. Contributed to the region’s quality of life by efforts on its behalf

The Regional Service Award honors a jurisdiction, group, agency, either public or private, and operating in Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, Washington, Mills or Pottawattamie Counties that has

1.  Recognized that regional problem solving transcends county boundaries

2.  Made a contribution to the region that has helped it improve or grow

Nominations are due by Friday, August 12 to

Access the nomination forms:

2022 Regional Citizenship Award

2022 Regional Service Award