2017 Traffic Incident Management Update


Downloading in Internet Explorer

To download the 2017_Omaha-Council Bluffs TIM Plan:

  • Go to https://app.e-builder.net/public/publicLanding.aspx?QS=17098833d19c4276bc412aef44584c20
  • Select the box for the 2017_Omaha-Council Bluffs TIM Plan
  • Select Download (the link below the name of the document)
  • When prompted to Open or Save, select Save
  • When download is complete, select Open folder
  • Right Click 2017_Omaha-Council Bluffs TIM Plan.zip
  • Go to Zip-7 and select Extract files…
  • Under Extract to:, select the box with “…” next to the drop down menu.
  • Select a local folder on you computer to save the files (i.e. My Documents) and Click OK
  • Click OK at the bottom of the Extract window

The TIM plan has now been saved to your computer.

IMPORTANT: This is an interactive, linked document, so it is important that you don’t change the names or locations of any of the document within the main 2017_Omaha-Council Bluffs TIM Plan folder. Moving the main 2017_Omaha-Council Bluffs TIM Plan folder to a different location on your computer is okay.

Navigating the TIM Plans

The Overall Map shows the extent of the Interstates and Freeways in the Omaha-Council Bluffs Metro Area that have TIM Plans. The Overall Map can be used to select Interstate and Freeway locations and access plans in those locations. Once a location is selected from the Overall Map, another document will open that is zoomed into that location. Select a red arrow to open the TIM Plan for a specific section of Interstate or Freeway.

To open the Overall Map:

  • Open the 2017_Omaha-Council Bluffs TIM Plan folder
  • Open the Overall Maps folder
  • Open the Overall_Map.pdf

Download Report