2020 Functional Classification – Call for Updates


To support development of the regional 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan, MAPA is requesting local jurisdiction submission of roadways for addition to, or changes within, the functional classification system. MAPA is coordinating this change outside the typical census time frame to capture those roadways which have seen significant change in traffic patterns due to regional growth. Traffic volumes may be taken from the MAPA 2018 Traffic Data Portal or from local counts. This submission will take place in two parts to facilitate the short time frame and reduce burden for both submitting and reviewing organizations. Changes will be considered based upon existing, not projected or planned, roadway usage.

Phase 1:

In this phase all proposed functional classification change requests are submitted to MAPA for collection and submission to NDOT for first screening. Basic information required at this stage are listed below:

  • Roadway name, with clearly defined beginning and end points
  • Roadway section length (miles)
  • Existing traffic volumes (AADT) – if local counts,¬†include documentation
  • Short justification for change or addition

Submissions can be submitted using the Excel document below, or as a SHP file, and are due to MAPA by March 6, 2020 to jboerner@mapacog.org.

Phase 2:

This phase consists of additional information collection, and the approval by the local jurisdiction via local board resolution for those segments passing the phase 1 screening process. This timeline is very short, so local organizations will need to prepare in advance and be responsive to MAPA and DOT requests. Submission items may include the following items, as well as information needs determined during review:

  • Signed local board resolution (all change requests)
  • Copy of One and Six Year Program (new roads)
  • Historical and Current traffic counts and description of traffic pattern change (changes to National Highway System)

Information submission required as soon as available, and no later than June 30, 2020.

An interactive map of the existing MPO federal functional classification can be found here.

FHWA guidance concerning federal functional classification changes can be found here.  Pages 22 and 23 provide useful discussion and tables to aid in identifying candidates for functional classification changes.