COVID-19 Update

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Dear Members, Project Partners, and Friends:

At MAPA, we want to reassure you that our work is moving forward through virtual meetings. We are working remotely to provide you the best service possible while keeping ourselves, our families, all of you and the public safe.

Meetings and events

Please check the Calendar tab on the top of this page for event details on MAPA’s meetings.

MAPA’s virtual meetings will be streamed live through MAPA’s Facebook page,

Links for project meetings will be emailed by the individual staff member responsible for the communication surrounding that particular project.

When hosting a virtual meeting is neither feasible nor appropriate, meetings will be canceled.

Anyone with questions about the status of an upcoming MAPA-related meeting, training or event, should reach out directly to the staff member in charge.

We are working our way through this uncertain and anxious situation step-by-step, just as you are.

We continue to do our work behind the scenes that you entrust to us in transportation planning and community and economic development to help our communities connect, plan and thrive. 

Until we can meet in person we will reach out by email, by phone or even video conference to keep you informed about the progress on our projects. 

We are united with you as we navigate this uncharted territory together.  

Take care and stay safe. 


Greg Youell

Executive Director